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Comparative Study of Faculty Development Programs in Different Universities

Volume 14, Issue 53, May 2021, Pages 7-35

Shahrnaz Bakhshalizadeh; Kourosh Fathi Vajargah; Mahboobeh Arefi; Alireza Kiamanesh

Teaching Effectiveness of Faculties: the Case of Campus of Agriculture and Natural Resources, Razi University

Volume 5, Issue 20, February 2013, Pages 61-80

Soheila Pourjavid; Amirhossein Alibeygi

The Role of Calling Conscripts Law in Providing Faculty Members for Higher Education Institutes and Universities

Volume 4, Issue 13, November 2011, Pages 75-91

Rahim Safari; Reza Norouzzadeh; Minoo Sadat Nofel

Factors Influencing Instruction Quality in Universities

Volume 2, Issue 6, September 2010, Pages 9-36

Yahya Marofi; Alireza Kiamanesh

Examining Barriers to the Research Activities of the Faculty Members of Islamic Azad University

Volume 2, Issue 6, September 2010, Pages 141-154

Mosayeb Abbasi; Alireza Khajeh Shahkoohi; Gholamreza Khoshfar; Hojatollah Maghsoudlou