Applying Microsoft SharePoint Services to integrate Universities’ and higher education institutes’ websites in Iran

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With daily incretion of computer technology and designing tools and introducing new software in recent decade, we are observing the application of automation software produced to combat with problems of traditional paper-based systems in universities and higher education institutes. This software are designed and implemented based on the technology and programming methods at the time of their invention. Nowadays, a new problem has entangled higher education institutes ; that is loss of integration between existing applications as the major problem which affects the ability to easy and online communicating among universities in one hand and the ministry of science, research and technology (MSRT) on the other. Hence, proposing a solution which can easily and yet efficiently addresses this problem seems vital. Center of Control and Evaluation of higher education in MSRT has tried to solve these kinds of problems using Microsoft SharePoint Services in the last three years. The result of this effort is thriving as the experts in the aforementioned section could introduce a practical solution in order to pave such difficulties and integrate old existing software and also share their achievements on the internet. This paper introduces the services and features of SharePoint, some solutions to integrate systems and software in MSRT and other higher education institutes are mentioned.


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