Investigation the Barriers of the Dissertation-based Scientific Products of Khuzestan Science and Research Branch of Islamic Azad University Students

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This study aimed to investigate the barriers of the dissertation-based scientific products of graduate students in Khuzestan Science and Research Branch, Islamic Azad University (SRBIAU). The research performed using descriptive survey method. The research Population was graduate students SRBIAU and the sample of 380 was selected by stratified random sampling method using Krejcie and Morgan table. Data was collected by researcher-made questionnaire (=α 0.8). After distributing questionnaire, 296 questionnaires with the return rate about 78 percent returned. The results showed that the time limit for paper preparing (mean = 7.6), lack of support and guidance by supervisor and consultant teacher (mean = 6.66), cultural poverty of research (mean = 6.58), unfamiliarity with English and other languages skills (mean = 6.03), unwillingness and lack of interest (mean = 5.91) and the uncertainty of results of the research findings (mean = 5.9) have been introduced as an effective barrier from students perspective.


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