A Model for Defining and Specifying Information System Strategy in Iran Higher Education System

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With the formulation and approval of strategic goals in Iran outlook statement of 1404 and its announcement to all ministries and public organizations, nowadays all organizations in Iran are following it with programs and projects for developing their corresponding plans and implementation. One of the strategic efforts carried out is the Comprehensive Science Map of Iran (CSPI) in the High Council for Cultural Revolution (HCCP). All universities and higher education institutes in Iran are required to design and develop the strategies whitch should follow CSPI.
Nowadays, universities and higher education institutes in the world are trying to develop and implement their strategic plan. Among the strategies concerned, information system strategy of universities and higher education institutes is one of the required strategies.
Universities and higher education institutes in Iran thus need and are required to develop their information system strategy as a part of their major strategies for assuring successful achievement of their strategic goals towards the realization of the missions of CSPI.
The aim of this article is to propose a model for defining and specifying information system strategy at three levels of Strategic, Tactic and Technique levels in Iran higher education system towards the realization of the "outlook of 1404" and CSPI's missions.
Since there are different types of universities and higher education institutes with different scopes and conditions, it is natural to think of different strategies for these different universities and higher education institutes. Therefore, there is the need to have different information systems strategies for different universities and institutes. It is clear that realization of those strategies would be through defining, developing and implementating the appropriate software programs and projects.


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