Aims and Scope

Higher Education Letter (HEL) features evaluations and descriptions of current ideas with relevance for action beyond the immediate context in higher education. It also focuses on the effect of current educational technologies and approaches on teaching and students. Higher Education Letter (HEL) publishes diverse forms of scholarship and research methods by maintaining flexibility in the selection of topics deemed appropriate for the journal. It strikes a balance between practice and theory by presenting research papers in a scholarly and evidence-based manner to both faculty and administrators in the academic community. All contributions are peer-reviewed. The main objective of the journal of Higher Education Letter (HEL) is to provide an intellectual platform for national and international researchers to discuss their most recent findings related to Higher Education. To serve this purpose, researchers are encouraged to submit their unpublished, original, full-length papers for potential publication in the journal. 

Higher Education Letter (HEL) publishes authoritative overview articles, comparative studies, and analyses of particular problems or issues on the following topics, but not limited to:

- developments in both public and private higher education sectors

- educational developments throughout the world in universities, polytechnics, colleges, and other higher education institutions

- educational research and technologies

- higher education and universities

- innovation and provocative new ideas in higher education

- institutional and educational developments issues

- innovations on teaching and students

- problems and issues of students, teachers, researchers, planners, and administrators

- scholarship and research.