Keywords = knowledge management
Presentation Model of Innovation at the University, Based on Culture of Learning and Knowledge Management

Volume 10, Issue 37, June 2017, Pages 33-60

Najmeh Khoddam Abbasi; Reza Shahryaripour; Aliakbar Aminbeidokhti

The success factors of knowledge sharing in Islamic Azad University of Central Tehran Branch

Volume 8, Issue 32, March 2016, Pages 115-137

Batool Mohammadi; Bijan Abdollahi

Identifying Barriers to the Implementation of Knowledge Management: A case study

Volume 6, Issue 21, August 2013, Pages 41-59

Rezvan Hooseingholizadeh; Seyyedeh Soode Adham Hashemi

The Assessment of the Present and Desired States of Components of Knowledge Management for Technical Compose Experts of Tehran University

Volume 5, Issue 18, November 2012, Pages 139-154

Abbas Abbaspour; Mohammad Hemmati; Salman Shahouli Kheirabadi

Evaluating Knowledge Management: The Case of Isfahan and Yazd Private and Governmental Universities

Volume 3, Issue 9, June 2011, Pages 23-45

Habibolah Doaei; Jalal Dehghani Sanij

Investigating the Key Factors Influencing Knowledge Management

Volume 3, Issue 9, June 2011, Pages 141-159

Rezvan Hosein Gholizadeh