Investigating the Key Factors Influencing Knowledge Management

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The goal of this paper is the study of knowledge management process, relying on Nonaka et all Knowledge Creation theoretical model and key factors influencing knowledge sharing as the most basic level of knowledge management process. This is based on empirical evidence obtained from three groups. Participants were university administrators and deputies, heads of departments and faculty members of the Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences in Ferdowsi University, as well as the staff of Education and Training Office in Mashhad. In order to gather data about the population, the survey method was used through people census.
Three researcher-designed questionnaires were used to measure knowledge management, knowledge sharing and organizational atmosphere. The results showed that cultural factors influence knowledge management. Convergence of personal and professional growth with the sense of competitiveness and individualism in organizational culture dominating the university is the proof for this
finding. Especially, the role of cultural factors in encouraging people to share knowledge and strengthen group morale and spirit as one of the variables influencing knowledge sharing is the most important finding obtained from this study.