Keywords = Yazd University
Relation-oriented Marketing in Higher Education: Factors Affecting Student's Satisfaction and Loyalty to the University

Volume 14, Issue 56, December 2021, Pages 57-75

Zahra Khosravi Pour; Ahmad Zandavanian; Mehdi Rahimi

Quality Assessment of Textile Engineering Curriculum in B.S. Degree at Yazd University, based on Kano Model

Volume 14, Issue 55, December 2021, Pages 129-162

Mahdiye alsadat Tabatabaei Mehrizi; Maryam Kian; Ahmad Zandavanian

Critical Thinking Dispositions and relationship: Academic performances among master's degree students at Yazd University

Volume 9, Issue 34, September 2016, Pages 171-189

Saeide Rastjoo; Hamid Sepehr; Ahmad Zandvanian