Keywords = Teaching
Investigating Students' Experiences of Learning in a Virtual Flipped Classroom: a Phenomenological Study

Volume 16, Issue 61, April 2023, Pages 7-30

Mohammad Alipour; Mahdi Alipour; Seyed Alireza Ghasemi

The Application of Blended Learning in Higher Education from Teacher's Perspective

Volume 13, Issue 52, February 2021, Pages 95-123

Mohammad Rahim Jafarzadeh; Seyedeh Asma Hosseini; Hosseinali Jahed; Samad Abedi

The Relation between Teaching and Research in Academia: A Systematic Review

Volume 12, Issue 48, February 2020, Pages 7-36

Afsaneh Sargazi; Rezvan Hosseingholizadeh

The Impact of University Entrance Exam on Teaching and Evaluation from the Viewpoints of Teachers

Volume 10, Issue 40, March 2018, Pages 7-26

Jalil Fathabadi; Bita Shalani; Saeid Sadeghi