Prioritizing Educational Strategies in University of Science and Culture

Document Type : Original Article



The aim of this article is to prove the supremacy of Strategic Choice Approach (SCA) versus Hard priority methods like MADM[
It should be born in mind that SCA method has four steps to set priorities between strategies that are Designing, Shaping, Choosing and Comparing, respectively .Hence, this paper introduces a qualitative and almost newer method such as SCA even though it countenances other quantitative priority methods such as MEDM. In this article, the University of Science and Culture is the case study serving as an academic environment and its objectives and strategies have been prioritized.
 Ultimately, results were satisfactory as far as prioritizing is concerned and it enabled us to define the consistency and chronological order among items using Multi Attribute Decision Making. In Conclusion, the strategies face with each other to be compared in terms of consistency, so any item which has the most consistency with the others, has the highest priority.



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