Investigating the Necessity of Creating New Educational Centers at Our Universities

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As training is one of the most important goals in our universities, quality of education has its own significance. The most vital aspects of training are proficiency in teaching concept, having skills in lesson planning and material development, establishing good relationship with learners and maintaining such relationship, management of the class and assessment of teaching and learning. To approach these goals educational centers have to train teachers and learners. As far as teaching training centers have not existed in our universities, or even if there were any, they had very limited activity in this regard. Therefore, the aim of this research is to introduce and investigate the activities of such centers in several famous universities around the world and to create such centers in our universities. The most essential activities in such centers with maximum abundance are related to professional development of academic members via seminars and workshops, individual consultation surrounding teaching skills and granting teaching certificate. Furthermore, some new factors with less abundance are related to dealing with plagiarism, morality in research and confronting anxiety which are of great attention value.


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