Investigating Factors Affecting on the Attitude of Msc. Graduates toward Research (Case Study: Faculty of Agriculture/ Universtiy of Zanjan)

Document Type : Original Article



Abstract: Attitudes toward research play an important role in the quantitative and qualitative aspects of researchers’ efforts. Any planning and policy making of the research needs of identifying university graduate attitude toward research. The purpose of this descriptive-correlational study was to investigate effective factors on the graduate’s attitude toward research. The population consisted of all 326 graduates who were graduated in the academic year 1390-1391 from the faculty of agriculture, university of Zanjan. 202 graduates were selected based on Krejcie and Morgan table and by using stratified random sampling method. The validity of research tool was verified by a panel of related experts and calculating CVR greater than 0.75. A pilot study was conducted and calculated ordinal coefficient theta was at the appropriate level (equals with 0.86). The results revealed that 67.8 percent of graduates had a positive attitude toward research. Results of stepwise regression analysis showed research self-efficacy, attending number of research methodology and statistics classes and assistance member of research projects, MSc score average, research experience of the supervisor, number of hours devoted to thesis work explained 28% variance of the attitude toward research.


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