Criticizing the Fundamental Principles of the Application of Chance Factor Elimination Formula in Test

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The use of negative points in selectedresponse tests is one of the issues that test users especially instructors continuously encounter. Chance factor elimination formula is completely based on the probability law, and there is a special condition for its use. Most of the time, people use it without being aware of its fundamental conditions.
When the conditions for the use of negative points are not met, its use for grade moderation, not only doesn't increase the measurement reliability, but it may also produce opposite results. It may also ignore the right of those who are on the higher levels of ability. On the other hand, there is the possibility that the examinees wouldn't be able to show their real ability for the fear of negative point. In addition to criticizing the use of fundamental principles of chance factor elimination (negative point), this paper tries to help users to become aware of the correct conditions for its use.