Changes in China’s Higher Education: Opportunities and Challenges

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Nowadays, higher education is known to be one of the most important tools in the comprehensive development in all nations. Therefore, discussion about its quantitative and qualitative changes, reformation and improvement is the main subject in comprehensive and constant development. In the past decades, higher education system in China, notwithstanding its large population and the Communist government, has experienced great changes and developed a lot. Since the study of these reforms and challenges is informative for other countries, particularly Iran, this paper studied the most important reforms and challenges in China's higher education. Studies show that China's higher education experienced four main historic phases and confronted great changes during this period. Moreover, considering the various problems such as globalization, marketbased economy and opendoor policy, the country has taken significant steps toward the improvement and reformation of the higher education, the most important of which were ranking higher education institutions and accomplishing the 211 and 985 projects. China's higher education faces important challenges such as inequality in achieving higher education, graduates’ unemployment, decrease in instructional quality and demographical changes which were studied in this paper.