Designing a Learning Center in the Elearning Environment

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During the past decades, the rapid growth of information and communication technology has changed different aspects of human life. One of the important aspects of this change is education and learning. The appearance and development of information and communication technology on one hand, and the acceptance of the constructivism approach on the other hand are two basic elements of elearning. Traditional training is largely affected by elearning and a new world of learning is created. Changes in the traditional patterns of education leads to selfdirected learning, changes in the role of learners and teachers, improvement of the learning quality, reduction of education costs, and minimizing time and space limitations. Despite all of the advantages of electronic learning, professionals in education are worried about it, and its unprecedented, stunning and revolutionary speed is the important concern. One of the solutions to have more access to the benefits of electronic education and stay away from the possible hazards is designing a learning center in the elearning environment. Learning centers have individual learning environments that encourage learners to use various media for education, take responsibility for selfcentered learning, and be involved in various activities. Considering the above points, this article reviews the position of the learning center in the elearning environment and the necessity of designing it.