A Comparative Study of the Effect of Using ICT vs. Traditional Method on Educational Advances and SelfRegulated Learning among Students of Payame Noor University (PNU)

Document Type : Original Article



makers and authorities in education in the country i.e. "making use of Information and Communication Technology". Several studies have emphasized the capability to make use of information technology in teachinglearning process. The present study focused on the effect of Information and Communication Technology on educational advances among students of PeyameNoor University, Astara branch.
The present research is a semiexperimental study that was carried out on 320 students who were selected through relative classified sampling. Information gathering tools included: the inventory indicative of the amount of making use of information technology, Zimens and Pons questionnaire denoting the strategies for independent learning, and Electr et al's test denoting the strategies of stimulation for learning (MSLQ). In order to measure the amount of educational progress, end of the term average score was used. The results showed that the mean of educational progress variables, selfregulated learning, and educational stimulation among the students who were engaged in learning through ICT was greater than that of students who learned through the traditional method.