Evaluation and Criticizing the Curriculum of Education Science, the Branch of Administration and Education Planning

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The goal of this article is to explain the necessity of reviewing the Education Science curriculum, the branch of administration and educational planning in BA, with emphasis on the contribution of various sciences in the realization of course goals, and also conformity with its specialized branches in MA and PhD. Thus, the number of courses and their fitness to course coefficients of MA entrance exam and content continuity among BA, MA and PhD, are explained. The results indicate an unbalanced proportion of various sciences in the curriculum. The contribution of Psychology among the basic courses of BA is the most compared to other sciences such as Philosophy and Sociology. Generally, imbalance, lack of conformity and discontinuity in BA, MA and PhD curriculum of Education Science, the branch of administration and educational planning, are the major challenges of the educational system. Consequently, the necessity of rethinking and revision of this program is inevitable.


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