Scientific Writing in Higher Education: Looking at the Examination Process of Academic Journals

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The present article studies the formation process of academic journals, mechanism of examination of articles, criteria for selection of readers and kinds of scientific journals. The number of singleauthor papers has decreased during the recent years and the quality of a paper and ranking of a journal have gained more importance for
researchers. Examination of papers in academic journals is a process with mixed feelings of joy and concern for researchers. Acceptance of a paper by a journal proves that the academic community has approved the ideas of the author. On the other hand, rejection of a paper may at times result in failure and mutual misunderstanding. The readers rarely accept submitted papers in the first examination. Minor or major revisions, reexamination of the paper and ultimate rejection are contingencies for a submitted academic paper. The present paper is an effort to improve the examination process and help young academicians in the selection of academic journals to publish the findings of their studies.