Introducing an Evaluation Model for Knowledge Management in Universities

Document Type : Original Article



Taking into account the importance of knowledge management in universities, this paper is an effort to show a framework for evaluating the level of knowledge management by systematic library research and survey study in universities. At first, the literature was reviewed, then, various models of knowledge management were
surveyed. In the end, a framework for evaluating the level of knowledge management was introduced using the Delphi method. Meanwhile, the initial questionnaire containing measurement indicators was distributed among 10 experts and their comments and feedback were collected. These comments and feedback were used to make the necessary changes in the final questionnaire. Consequently,
six items were improved and reformed, nine items were removed, and five more items were added. The method used for the analysis of experts’ ideas was Wilcoxon Test. It should be mentioned that all these changes were carried out through Wilcoxon Test and written opinions of the experts.