Keywords = Evaluation
An Analysis of Gender Biases in Students’ Evaluations of University Teachers

Volume 16, Issue 62, June 2023, Pages 124-142

Ahmad Madani; Tahereh Zafaripoor

The Impact of University Entrance Exam on Teaching and Evaluation from the Viewpoints of Teachers

Volume 10, Issue 40, March 2018, Pages 7-26

Jalil Fathabadi; Bita Shalani; Saeid Sadeghi

Higher Education Standards: from Ideal to Reality

Volume 8, Issue 30, September 2015, Pages 11-22

Abbas Bazargan

Investigating the Status of Quality Evaluation in Applied Education and Training

Volume 8, Issue 30, September 2015, Pages 121-151

Reza Mohammadi; Mariam Zamanifar; Fatemeh Sadeghimandi

The Impact of Using E-portfolio on Students’ General Self-efficacy

Volume 6, Issue 24, April 2013, Pages 97-113

Ali Dana; Mohammadreza Nili; Mehdi Badali

Curriculum Focused Accreditation of the Higher Education in the Third Millennium

Volume 5, Issue 17, September 2012, Pages 13-48

Mir Ghaseam Hoseini; Ahmad Reza Nasr

Scientific Writing in Higher Education: Looking at the Examination Process of Academic Journals

Volume 3, Issue 9, June 2011, Pages 9-22

Mohammad Attaran; Ali Akbar Sangari; Akram Dehbashi

The Investigation of BA and MA Curricula in Educational Technology Focusing on the Perspectives of Teachers and Students

Volume 2, Issue 8, March 2010, Pages 69-83

Sara Rezaei Bagher; Seyed Shams aldin Hashemi Moghadam; Mohammad Akbary Borng

Curriculum Evaluation: Meaning, Methodology and Application

Volume 1, Issue 4, March 2009, Pages 111-131

Jamal Salimi; Reza Mohammadi